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Web Training

To produce a site that is really going to work and be successful takes a lot of time. Being able to update a site on a regular basis is crucial for two reasons:

  • Users will be keen to come back again to see new content, helping to develop a realtionship with them
  • Search engines like new content

Of course, hiring a web designer on a regular basis to manage your site may be beyond the means of a small company so we at Capital Webs offer web design courses where you will be able to get to grips with all the basics of web design and learn enough skills to build a great looking site though we trust you won’t start taking our clients! There are two aspects to our web design courses:

Learn HTML and CSS

These are the building blocks of any website, without these a site cannot exist. Having even a basic understanding of these will mean you can build a site from scratch. Using these skills in conjunction with the WordPress course will mean you are able to build some amazing sites. In the course we will go over the following:

    • Creating a simple site with text
    • Adding Images to a site
    • Adding Links
    • Styling certain elements such as links
    • Uploading your site to the web

Learn WordPress

Having an understanding of HTML is great for building small sites but if you want to build more powerful or if you have a site built on WordPress and want to get the most out of it, you may want to consider our WordPress lessons. We take you through the basics on how to use the software then cover more advanced areas such as plugins and how to tweak your theme to your liking. The following points are coverered:

    • Adding a new post/page
    • Creating menus including dropdown menus
    • Adding and installing plugins such as slideshows and contact forms
    • Tweak your theme
    • Optimise your WordPress site for SEO purposes and gain maximum exposure