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Web Design

As with anything in the world of IT, web design can advance at an extremely alarming rate, meaning that a website can look dated even if it was built only 2 years ago. At Capital Webs “Web design is essentially a mixture of art and science” we like to keep up with the latest technologies and trends within the field of web design, the emergence of HTML5 in recent years for example has meant that websites are able to function in completely different ways than before. Web design is essentially a mixture of art and science: not only should the site be visually pleasing to the eye but it should not compromise on the basic functionality of the site.

Web design can encompass a wide range of areas and while it is generally considered to mean the front end design of a website, it can be considered to mean how the back-end(the part the end user doesn’t see, such as the database) of a site functions. If you are considering having a site built there are various options available for you:

Static website

This is a very simple site in that the content doesn’t change very much. This is the reason it is referred to as a static site and not because there is no animation or moving elements as some people mistake it to mean. In actual fact a static site could have lots of animation. Static sites are a lot more straight forward to produce and therefore are for people on a more restricted budget. However, in this day and age they are only really suitable for the individual or the smallest of business due to the following type of site.

Content Management System(CMS)

Once apon a time a web designer would build a website for a client and that would be it. If the client wanted even the smallest of changes made to information on the site such as a price change for example, they would be at the mercy of the web designer who could charge whatever they liked to update the site. With content management systems becoming more and more sophisticated in recent years, that is no longer the case. With a CMS the user with little or no IT knowledge can log in to the website, type some text and click a button and the site will be updated. With the various plugins available these days, the user can change almost any aspect of the site whether it be an image in a slideshow or some text in the footer that needs changing.

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website is very similar to a content management system in that the user can log in and make changes to the site, the main difference being that e-commerce sites are designed specifically for users to upload and sell products.

We are happy to produce websites for any small or medium sized business located in the Wimbledon and Merton areas but we also produce sites for clients further away. To see if we can help you needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.