Data Destruction

data destruction

Technology is always changing and because of this electronic devices and computers become obsolete. Therefore you will need a proper method of disposing sensitive information, a single hard drive can contain thousands of important files need to be kept secure all erased completely.

Data can contain sensitive information such as customers bank details, personal information, address details and even passport numbers. if you want to upgrade your hardware you will need a method of securely destroying this data.

Data security is an ongoing process but being aware of threats and understanding destruction options you will be in a much better position to protect your business and yourself.

There are many different ways of performing hard drive destruction depending on your requirements, Our secure data destruction services include the following:

  • Secure data destruction performed by highly trained staff
  • Collections will be made using secure vehicles
  • The destruction will be performed within our recycling facility
  • And a certificate will be issued detailing the data destruction

We also have a method of DVD and CD destruction, this shreds the CD or DVD into tiny pieces and will ensure all data on the disk is destroyed. As with hard drives, upon completion certificate is issued detailing the data destruction

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  • "BIOREC offered excellent advice throughout the process and even gave information on how to maintain a healthy working environment by purchasing eco-friendly equipment." ​​

    B Gill ,Project Manager, A1 IT SPECIALISTS

  • "They kept in contact from beginning to end, arrived on time and removed all the redundant equipment. Effortless and no problem service"

    R Sian, Senior Support Manager​

£10 per Computer or Laptop

We are also the only company that is willing to give a rebate of up to £10 per machine (terms and conditions apply) once we pickup so we can give you something back for trusting in Biorec.