Recent years have seen a tremendous rise in the number of budding entrepreneurs and there are two overriding factors for this: the recession and the number of so called business related programs, The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, leading everyone to believe they can make it in the world of business. With every business needing a website this is great news for not just web developers but also hosting companies whose adverts can be seen plastered all over the tube and who are able to advertise in exclusive prime time TV slots. But its not just web hosting that these companies offer, they also offer site building packages which at first glance can seem ideal for the new entrepreneur who is on a small budget. But are they really worth it?

There are about 4-5 major players in the site building industry: 1&1, Godaddy, Mr Site and all are really much of a muchness. They are ideal for people who have no real experience of building a website and limited skills. For £100 a year including hosting they may be preferable to expensive web designers and have an easy to use interface and countless video tutorials. However if you really are on a low budget I would advise against this approach. For the same amount if not less, you could use an open source framework that you could install on your web server at a cost of about £50 a year. Decent themes can be bought for an average price of £25 which happen to be more appealing and plentiful than the site builder templates. You may also be able to get more control on an open source framework than a site builder.